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Tacklebar Harness

From $54.99

TackleBar Football is limited contact football.  Players wear traditional football equipment and a TackleBar harness that teaches players to use proper tackling technique while engaging ball carriers, without tackling to the ground. TackleBar Football is featured as part of USA Football’s Football Development Model (FDM) as a tool to use in the Rookie Limited Contact and Senior Limited Contact game types. 


Riddell has been the long-standing leader in football head protection and protective athletic equipment for more than 90 years, and we’re just getting started.


We believe no other sport has the power to shape and change lives like football, and Riddell is uniquely positioned to champion its future. We believe football is more than a game but fosters a culture that teaches valuable lessons to those in and around it. We believe that by continuing to help young athletes perform to the best of their ability, we are building the foundation for the future of a sport that builds character, gets people moving, and one that unites communities and inspires us all.

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